Privacy policy

All information going in/out of NAMSOR API is logged in order to improve NAMSOR services, i.e. to improve the accuracy of NAMSOR sociolinguistics algorithms based on machine learning, reinforced learning and other artificial intelligence techniques.

NAMSOR, on the explicit USER's request, provides a specific anonymization functionality, translating personal names into non-reversible SHA-2 digests (header X-Anonymizer = SHA-256). In that case, no personal information is retained by NAMSOR, and yet NAMSOR can act as a trusted provider in Three Way relationship between the USER and a THIRD PARTY designated by the USER. For example, in the use case of analyzing sensitive data on patients (for clinical trials or epidemiology studies), employees or clients (for patterns of discrimination).

Privacy policy description

NAMSOR don't sell, rent or trade personal data. NAMSOR carry out demographic studies on names to enhance comprehension of global names. NAMSOR carries applied research in onomastics (the Science of Proper Names, a branch of Sociolinguistics).

NAMSOR may collect personal or non-personal identification information such as cookies from any USER.

The USER grants NAMSOR with the rights to register and to operate its data, including personal data. The USER is granted by NAMSOR to access and to correct personal data. Any USER is also granted a right to opt out of his personal data treatment.