Format a phone number in correlation to a name

Namsor name analysis software has been trained to evaluate formatted and unformatted phone numbers. It is able to process first names, surnames and telephone numbers in order to establish telephone prefixes, country codes, as well as to determine the structure of phone numbers and check if they are valid.

Identify the phone prefix based on a first name, last name and phone number

Analyse a first name, a surname and a phone number to determine the most likely phone prefix, country of residence and formated phone number.

Format Phone Number

Estimate the most likely phone prefix, country of residence and formated phone number:

First name (or given name).

Last name (or family name).

Phone number, formatted or unformatted.

  • Tag: Format Phone Number.
  • Precision:Precision gauge
  • Cost: 11 credits per name.
  • API: Format Phone Number documentation.
  • Determine: the country of residence from the phone number, the country call sign, the country of residence from the name, if the phone number could be positively verified and the phone number in E.164 format.

What is the formatting of a phone number

The formatting of a phone number is based on a phone number and a first name, a last name (or both for more precision) to estimate the prefix of the phone number and the country to which the phone number belongs. The phone number will also be formatted and verified using the LibPhoneNumber library.

  • The telephone number uniquely identifies a terminal within a telephone network. This number can be made up of numbers or letters depending on the country. To communicate with another country, we use its code generally accompanied by '+' which is added as a prefix to the destination number. This is called an international number.
  • An international dialing code is a telephone prefix used in the telephone numbers of regions or countries that are members of the International Telecommunication Union. The area code indicates the country where the owner of the number is located.
  • We use the Google library LibPhoneNumber to verify the phone number.

    For example, with the Full name Jamini Roy and the phone number 09804201420, the most likely phone prefix returned is 91 for india and the second most likely phone prefix 977 for Nepal. The phone number has been validated with the country India and the valid formatted phone number (in E.164 format) is +91 98042 01420.


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