Recognize the type of a proper noun

Namsor provides a specialized proper name type recognition tool. It is trained to analyse proper names and infer if they are personal names (anthroponym), brand names or geographic names (toponym). Indicate the country of origin of the name to improve accuracy.

Estimate the name type based on a proper noun

Analyzes a proper noun to identify the most likely name type (anthroponym, brand name, toponym). Specify a local context to improve accuracy of name type estimation.

Name type: proper noun

Name type from a proper noun:

A proper noun (person, brand, etc.).

  • Tag: Name Type.
  • Precision:Precision gauge
  • Cost: 1 credit per name.
  • API: Name Type documentation.
  • Determine: the first and second most likely type of the proper name and a score for the estimated types.

What is the type of a proper noun

A proper noun is the name of a particular person, place, or object that is spelled with a capital letter. A proper noun can be :

  • An anthroponym is a name of a person, especially a surname or a full name (first and last name).
  • A brand name is the name used to identify a specific company, organization, service or product.
  • A toponym is a proper name designating a place. It serves as a geographical and spatial landmark.
  • A pseudonym is a fictitious name or alias used by an individual to conceal their real identity.

    For example, for the proper noun Marie Curie the most likely name type is Anthroponym (personal name) and the second most likely name type is Brand name.


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