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CSV and Excel file processing

Namsor’s file parser can process data in a CSV or Excel document. Easily upload your Excel or CSV file and enjoy the full features of our name checking AI.
We can determine the gender of a name, or estimate its country of origin, ethnicity and diaspora. Namsor's name entity recognition system can also help you distinguish personnel names from brand names. Our software supports a large number of alphabets*.

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Process your csv files using NamSor

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Step by step name analysis guide

  1. 1. Make sure your files are in the right format

    Documents are required to be either CSV files (.csv file extension) or text files (.txt file extension). We personally recommend using the CSV file format as it is more resilient. If your document is an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx file extension) can conveniently convert it to CSV using the "Save as" tab in Excel and selecting the .csv file extension. If your file is already a CSV you may proceed to the next step.

  2. 2. Upload your CSV or Excel document

    To upload your documents, simply drag and drop them in the dedicated box on this web page. This will send your CSV or Excel files for processing.
    You can upload multiple files at once. Submitted files may not exceed 10 MB. Once upload is complete, click send.

  3. 3. Choose the type of data taxonomy you want

    Now choose the type of data processing you wish to perform for each file. You may optionally specify what type of data separators each file uses, we recommend you leave this option to auto.
    At this stage you may indicate to the file parser in which columns it can find the data to analyse.
    In the event that you do not have enough credits, you will be offered to acquire additional credits or process the files to the extent of your remaining credits.
    Our tool features smart processing and will not charge for analyzing identical data for up to 20 times.

  4. 4. Download the results

    Once the comprehensive analysis is done, you may easily download your CSV file completed with the data you need.