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Find the name analysis you need

Find name origin and ethnicity, infer gender, translate Chinese names and Japanese names, format a phone number, split a full name and much more.

Find a name's origin, ethnicity or diaspora

Namsor can check a full name, a first or a last name and determine the country of origin using a large variety of alphabets*. Go further by identifying the ethnicity from a name, its diaspora and its country of residence.

Origin and ethnicity finder

Detect the gender of a name

Our gender checker can provide useful insight by analyzing names and determining if they are more likely to be male, female or gender neutral. Gain deeper knowledge of your prospects, audience or customers by analysing the gender distribution of names in your database.

Name gender checker

Identify the type of a proper noun

The team behind Namsor is driven by technological innovation. Try out our latest tool, a Name Type Recognition AI, that you can use to process proper nouns and differentiate between personal names, place name, and public names (companies, brands, etc.).

Name type recognition

Split a full name

Namsor's software offers an advanced name splitting technology. Based on a full name, we are able to determine the first name and last name structure.

Full name splitter

Translate a Japanese name

Try out our Japanese name translator & matching service. This tool enables you to match or translate Japanese Kanji names to their English translation. It can also translate from and to Latin characters.

Japanese name converter

Translate a Chinese name

Our Chinese name translator enables you to match or translate Standard Chinese Mandarin names to their English translation. It can also translate from and to Latin characters.

Chinese name converter

Find caste group and religion from an Indian name

Use our Indian name features to estimate the caste group, the State or Union territory of origin or even the religion from an Indian first name, last name or full name.

Indian name caste & religion

Format a phone number

Our name analysis software is able to process a name and phone number in order to deduce the country's phone prefix, the country code and then check the telephone number is valid.

Phone number formater


Find the right tool to process names

Use our extensive API documentation, analyze CSV and Excel files or download the Namsor developer tools.

CSV and Excel tool

Upload a document in our CSV and Excel file processer.
Choose a classification type and download your comprehensive name analysis by gender, country of origin, ethnicity, diaspora and much more.

Drop a file

API documentation

We maintain a fully documented API to help you throughout your integration process.
Take control of Namsor's name checking features efficiently, thanks to our numerous integration examples for JavaScript, Python, Java and Shell.

Browse API documentation

Developer tools

Discover all the possibilities offered by Namsor's services: download our developer tools and integrate our name checking technology into your app.
Choose the SDK or CLI you need for your projects in Java, Python, GoLang or Javascript.

Download SDK or CLI


With Namsor, use personal names to determine new data points

Our mission is to help institutions and researchers make sense of Big Data, understand international capital flows and connect ideas and people.

Detail oriented

Namsor software currently supports several taxonomies for general use.

We also design specific taxonomies calibrated at a more granular level (regional dialects, ethnicity, casts or clanic systems) for the use of academic researchers and the specific needs of international organizations (migration studies, international aid, diaspora marketing and fundraising).

Global coverage

We constantly improve the accuracy of our tools, working with linguists, anthropologists and historians.

Namsor covers all languages, alphabets, countries and regions. Our offer accepts many alphabets: Cyrillic, Georgian, Latin, Arabic, Devanagari, Bengali, Greek, Armenian, Thai, Hebrew, Kannada, Gujarati, Tamil, Hangul, Telugu, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Han (Chinese traditional and simplified characters, Kanji), Hiragana, Myanmar, Katakana and Malayalam.

We value diversity

Namsor unlocks the value of diversity. We support public and private diaspora marketing and engagement programs, for human development and economic growth. We support @GenderGapGrader with our gender diversity analytics.

Combined with bio-cultural diversity metrics, Namsor helps reduce organizations's ethical and reputational risks. We can help measure gender, racial or ethnic biases in any funnel-based or selective process that uses machine learning or AI (such as: recruitment, credit allocation, KYC or anti-fraud).

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Flexible plans for your needs

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$130/ month

100,000 credits /month

Over-limit usage: 0.002 USD /credit

  • API
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$999/ month

1,000,000 credits /month

Over-limit usage: 0.001 USD /credit

  • API
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